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Antihistamine Tea

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An herbal blend that is layered with many natural antihistamine sources making it excellent as a tea for allergies. This works well when your body is just throwing out histamine responses left and right. Size: 2.5 oz

This Tea Blend May Help:

Hayfever Symptoms, Stuffy Nose, Sinus Headache, Boost Immunity, Watery/Itchy Eyes, Sneezing, Reduce Coughing

Not only does this aid with most allergies - many of these herbs are also anti-inflammatory in general. So your ears, nose, and throat may feel better along with any other tension found in the body.

Ingredients Simplified:

Stinging Nettle • May be useful in reducing the symptoms of hay fever by acting as an anti-inflammatory. Some research has linked treatment with stinging nettle leaf to relief of symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Mullein • May help to protect mucous membranes, thereby preventing them from triggering allergic reactions.

Moringa  Been used there for centuries to treat malnourishment, and not only are moringa histamine levels low, but it also has strongly antioxidant & antimicrobial properties and is known to stabilize mast cells.

Licorice Root  Because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties, it may help reduce allergy symptoms. Studies with mice showed positive results after three days.

Dried Blueberries • Known as one of the fruits that act as an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and as a bonus it helps add a touch of fruit flavor.

Holy Basil • Holy basil prevents something called mast cell degranulation. Mast cells help to signal histamine responses in the body and so this herb can be helpful for modulating our immune response.

Lemongrass  As a decongestant, lemongrass can be used to clear a blocked nose and stuffy chest. It also contains a high level of Vitamin C, which can help to build immunity.

Ginger • A great natural antihistamine but is also good for your levels of cytokines, and immune function.

Fennel • Anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, painkilling and antioxidant.