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Berry Cooling Tea

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An herbal blend that is layered with herbs to balance hormones naturally, aid digestion, and reduce inflammation. This one especially tastes delicious due to the sweetness of the Licorice Root. Size: 2.5 oz

This Tea Blend May Help:

Boost Immunity, Hormone Balancing, Hot Flashes / Night Sweats, Balancing Cortisol, Digestion & Gut Health, Reduce Inflammation

We recommend drinking 2-3 cups of this a day if you are looking to really aid your body with any of the possible symptoms above.

Ingredients Simplified:

Stinging Nettle • Known to reduce inflammation in the body, promoting a sense of internal coolness and overall well-being. Also can interact with the availability of certain hormones in the body, often recommended for hot flashes and those looking to manage other hormone imbalance symptoms.

Peppermint • Adds a refreshing cooling flavor, along with benefits to digestion and weight management. Generally, by calming the gastrointestinal system we positively impact our gut health, in turn leading to better hormonal balance.

Dried Blueberries • Known as one of the fruits that act as an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and as a bonus it helps add a touch of fruit flavor. Aids with collagen production and menopausal skin changes.

Hawthorn Berries • Holy basil prevents something called mast cell degranulation. Mast cells help to signal histamine responses in the body and so this herb can be helpful for modulating our immune response. May help reduce hot flashes and improve cardiovascular health.

Goji Berries  Known to be cooling, helping to dissipate heat and restore the body's balance. Rich antioxidant profiles can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

Licorice Root  Known to calm and cool the body from within, aiding with hot flashes. Known as a phytoestrogen, which can help balance hormones during menopause and aid with mood swings. May also soothe menstrual cramps.