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Herbal Spice Tea

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This Herbal Spice blend has many benefits and can aid the body with multiple symptoms.  Size: 2.5 oz

This Tea Blend May Help:

Arthritis & Joint Pain, Back Pain, Decrease Hot Flashes, BPH, Thyroid Imbalance, Lymphatic Boost, Immune System Boost, Diabetes, Inflammation Reduction

It is recommended to drink 2 cups daily for full pain-relieving properties to stay in the body. One 2.5 oz bag will last about one month, because this is a tisane you can steep the herbs 2-3 times.

Ingredients Simplified:

Moringa • Contains calcium and phosphorous, which help keep bones healthy and strong. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties moringa might help to treat conditions such as arthritis and may also heal damaged bones.

Stinging Nettle • Have been shown to alleviate some of the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. They can be used safely alongside nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), allowing individuals to decrease the overall amount of NSAIDs utilized.

Holy Basil • Rich in vitamin K, a fat-soluble micronutrient that helps support heart health and bone mineralization. May ease inflammation and joint pain.

Rose Hips • In addition to offering benefits for patients with osteoarthritis, rose hips may offer benefits in other conditions such as back pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pine Needle •  Both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it effective in eliminating pain and inflammation simultaneously.

Black Pepper • Has been valued for its flavor and antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies have shown that the chemical compounds of black pepper, particularly piperine, may be effective in the early acute inflammatory process.

Turmeric • Has anti-inflammatory properties that can be especially helpful for those with arthritis. This includes both degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) and inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, or others).

Ginger • Works as an anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces swelling. That may be especially helpful for treating symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.