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Breast Balm

Breast Balm

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BreastBalm is a poke root & St John's Wort oil salve.  It is soothing and perfect for regular breast self massage.  NOT APPROPRIATE FOR NURSING MOMS!

  • Poke root is powerful lymphatic cleanser and St. John's Wort oil an amazing anti-inflammatory.  
  • When massaged into the tissue of the breasts and underarm lymph nodes, women report that their breasts do not feel so "full or lumpy."  
  • Poke root is also known to be helpful for fibroid and fibrocystic lymphatic issues.  
  • Women with ovarian cysts and endometriosis have used this product for abdominal massage.  
  • This product will last a good long while, smells great and will help you to be in touch with "the girls."


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